I am so happy to tell you about Rasul’s Detailing Service.  I like to have my car detailed periodically, and it always looks showroom clean when he is finished.  I’ve used almost all of his services over the past 4 years and my car looks consistently fantastic.  I keep papers, CDs, golf clubs and other personal items in the glove box, console and trunk, and I can count on Rasul to treat all of this with the utmost care.  He also has excellent knowledge and equipment.

Curtis Campbell


Hi Rasul. Thanks for the excellent detail work on our two Mazda vans. Everything is spotless inside and out. Even our customers noticed. No dust, no pollen, no milky windows. Everything is beautiful, especially the high sheen on the paint. I will call you soon to take care of a couple of my personal cars. Keep up the great work! 

Pete at Wasp Automotive


“With immense thanks to Rasul, our car with 194K miles looks almost new.   In fact, the kids in our carpool thought it was new!  Rasul was on-time, diligent and thorough.  It was very easy to communicate with him.  We are pleased in every way.”



I live right across from Rasul. He cleaned our 1999 Ford Explorer for us. He did a very meticulous job on this car. He is very careful and treats other people’s cars like it is his own car. He cleans every crook and nanny and takes his time. He is thorough and does not rush and cut corners. I highly recommend him. He will get our business again. We were well pleased. You will be also.

Charles and Patsy Duke